Dj Spider & Phil Moffa – V EP

For its 23rd release, Berlin-based Italian label Out-ER welcomes techno fellows DJ Spider and Phil Moffa for ‘V EP’.

The collaboration between the Italian label and the two techno producers, follows a meeting in NYC between Out-ER co-founder Simone Gatto at the producers’ headquarter – Gatto always appreciated the artists musical peculiarity and, generally, supports distorted electronic sounds, which anyway already found space on the label’s previous releases thanks to the efforts of The Analogue Cops, Christopher Rau and Marieu.

The label upcoming release is an invigorating, dark electronic affair. The artists declare that “V EP is inspired to the celebrated American tv series ‘Visitors’, from which we sampled several voices and sounds”.

‘First Contact’ showcases a powerful bassline and rolling percussions flowing into a funky groove surrounded by various effects and noises in the background, creating an unconscious of a laying persona in surreal, almost industrial atmosphere. ‘Beast As It Is” is a broken beat tool exhibiting a few vocals sampled from the science fiction tv series Visitors – shaded pads processed with compressors keep mashing with the delays and reverberations, a dissonance stands out for its special, experimental personality. As for the A1, here return the 4/4 percussive groove and sharp hi-hats with ‘Siege’, offering a vigorous, noisy aura that melts with an obsessive and hypnotic melody, wisely distorted by the two producers. ‘Busted Main’ is a two-minutes ambient piece which alternates crawling pads, morbose synth lines and other clouded, sampled voices for start to end, originating a sinister air. ‘Tang Dream’ is the last dancefloor-friendly tracker of the EP – debuting with a windy ambient intro, the one-minute premise evolves to a solid 4/4 affair characterized by a with a vigorous beat which gets lightened by clean sparks and tribal textures.



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