Terrence Dixon – 12,000 Miles Of Twilight LP

We are delighted to welcome back Detroit legend Terrence Dixon, this time for his fifth album, out in a triple-vinyl pack on July 3.

Terrence Dixon has been putting out material since the mid Nineties. Recognized worldwide for his visionary, futuristic sound, Dixon unites ages of inspiration traversing diverse musical styles including electro, jazz and minimal sci-fi techno. As for his previous productions, ‘12,000 Miles Of Twilight’ remains an experimental techno asset offering many tonalities of sound, and provoking an array of emotion and sentiment. The album offers a non-linear, emotionally absorbing journey into the singular experimental edge of the Detroit artist, pulling the listener in all kind of directions from the opening track to the closing finale.

This overall hypnotic approach can also be seen in his parallel project Population One, which appeared on Out-ER respectively in early 2016 with two-tracker solo ‘Temporary Insanity EP’, as well as in late 2016 with ‘Temporary Insanity Remixes’ which saw the label offering reinterpretations from Cosmin TRG, Pangaea, Voiski and label co-founder Simone Gatto.

The artwork features photographs taken from a multi media installation work built by London based artist James Winter. The construct was built in Winter’s studio in London – fabricated by hand using polyurethane coated MDF, glass and fluorescent tubes with ballast. Images were subsequently projected direct on to the piece, and the entire installation was then photographed – resulting in a set of images art directed by both Dixon and Winter.

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