Simone Gatto – Heaven Inside Your Frequencies (Part 1)

Southern Italian sociologist, DJ and electronic music producer Simone Gatto is about to release his second album, ‘Heaven Inside Your Frequencies’, in December 2017.

Gatto’s second album represents a complete excursus of his personal and professional paths, into which he combines music, words, studies, researches and experiments. Along with the album, split in two parts and to be released on both his labels Out-ER and Pregnant Void, the artist is also releasing his first essay, named as the album; the latter offers a theoretical and practical analysis on the use of sounds and frequencies in diverse areas of interest, dedicating space to music therapy and primordial techniques, as well as their application in the current digital and virtual era.

Both the album and the essay result from Gatto’s personal experiences as well as his ten-year’s artistic career: the love of his motherland and his parents, the first approach to clubs, the studies about the potentiality of frequencies, the electroacoustic experimentation and last but not least, the aesthetical sonorous research.

The first part of the album, showcasing the artist’ experimental inclination, gets released on Pregnant Void, a record label founded by Gatto last year in order to enhance the sounds of the environment and personal panoramas, agglomerating artists, projects and publications which examine in depth the culture of sound in various fields – therapy, science, promotion, communication and strategy; the album’s first part aesthetics’ indeed contrasts with the second part, showcasing the artist’s dance personality and out on Out-ER, Gatto’s platform for club releases.

Recorded and produced between his motherland and other significant spaces and cities – the Ionian coast and natural parks of Lecce, his second home Berlin, the Whitney Museum in New York City and other significant places – ‘Heaven Inside Your Frequencies’ combines Gatto’s theoretical background with personal and artistic maturity, achieved in the last decade.

Simone Gatto’s life, culture and emotions translate into a sonorous and written project, among sounds, frequencies and attempts to achieve empathic communication with people.

Using a spectrum analyser and elaborating exclusively analog sounds, like field recordings or his breath, the artist takes delight in recreating specific frequencies – potentially healthy, and universally recognized – which characterized his path of life.

If in the first part of the album he wishes to promote the purity of sounds, enhanced by post production and the artist’s emotional involvement, the second part mainly focuses on the interaction between performer and audience in the context of clubs – the album listening and the essay interpretation are therefore complementary and equally functional to the achievement of the artist’s goal: the empathic communication through sounds.
released December 15, 2017

All tracks written & produced by Simone Gatto
Cat. no. PV02 – all rights reserved
℗ & © Pregnant Void 2017

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